Summer 2024 registration will be open on Tuesday 5/14/2024! Click here to create your account. or click on “create account” in the menu under “Enroll”. Please be sure to read “How to register” before signing up.

Online Registration

The Bronx School for Music has a brand new system for online registration. To register for lessons simply follow the instructions in the section below. This new registration process offers a centralized location for everyone registering online and offers one single online shop for all instrument and class offerings, including private lessons, group instrumental lessons and early childhood music. After registration is completed, one of our administrative staff members will reach out to assign you to a teacher and schedule your lesson time, or to confirm receipt of registration.

If you have any questions about the registration process, want a tour of our facility before registering online, or need more information, call us by phone at 347-202-5402 or email us at [email protected].

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Account Creation & Registration Instructions:

How to create your account and register for lessons

Step 1: Create User Account Anyone wishing to sign-up for any lessons or classes, whether they are group instrumental classes, early childhood or private lessons, will first have to create an account. Click on the “create my account” button in the menu or at the bottom of this page. In this step, families will have to enter parent and guardian information, create a username and password, and agree to our policies and procedures.

Step 2: Add students to the account. After account creation is completed, you will be able to click on a link that will ask you to log-in again and will take you to your profile dashboard. The dashboard log-in link is also further down in this section.

In the dashboard, you will have to add each student that you wish to register for lessons. Click on “add student” and fill out all of the information requested on that page. There are a number of new fields on this form that must be filled out so that we can learn how to best serve our students. Once you fill out the form, click submit form. Repeat this process for each student that you wish to register. Make sure that you select all of the preferred instruments that each student wishes to study and make sure that the date of birth of the student is correct. If you enter this information incorrectly, course information may not appear properly in the course selection page.

Step 3: Upload a credit card to have on file in your account. In order to unlock the course selection and the registration process within the system, you must have a card on file. Once the card is on file you will then be able to register students for lessons.

Step 4: Select courses for each student and add them to the cart. Whether they are group or private lessons, go to your dashboard in the “my account” page. Next to each student listed on the dashboard, click on “Register” to select courses for that student. You will then be taken to the course selection page. Courses associated with the student will appear as recommended courses. Additional courses will appear as “other courses” that are not related to student’s instrument of choice.

To add a course to your cart, click “View Course”. On the course page fill out your preferred days and times for lessons, then click “add to cart”. Repeat this process for each student by going back to the dashboard.

Step 5: Checkout/Register. Once all courses are selected for students, click on your cart and review all of the information. You can remove items from the cart by clicking on the red X on the left side of the line items. If you want to go back and add items for students, there will be buttons on the top right to go back to course selection for students. If everything looks good, click “proceed to checkout”. You will be able to review all of the information here and see the entire registration confirmation. Once all of the information is completed at checkout, process the payment and the student(s) is/are officially registered for lessons.

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