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Piano Lessons in Bronx, NY

Learn How To Practice and Play Piano

The Bronx School For Music offers private piano lessons to children aged 4+ in the Bronx, NY area. Our instructor-led piano lesson curriculum is specifically designed and tailored for each child, ensuring that every student’s individual skills and needs are nurtured as they advance their musical development.

A Safe Environment For All Students To Explore

Our music school provides a safe, enlightening environment for children and adults to practice their piano skills. Here, students are encouraged to explore the depths of their musical interests, learn problem-solving skills, and awaken their imaginations.

Private Piano Lessons

BSM offers piano instruction in either 30-minute or 60-minute time periods and has three terms each year: Two 16-week academic-year semesters (Fall and Spring) and one seven-week summer session. Lessons and group musical development classes are held Monday through Friday, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The fall Semester begins after Labor Day; the spring semester begins the first week of February.

Violin & Viola Lessons in Bronx, NY

Learn How To Play The Violin Or Viola

Are you interested in signing yourself or a child (aged 4+) up for violin or viola lessons in the Bronx, NY area? The Bronx School For Music is the perfect place to enroll your child in a kid-friendly program that encourages musical exploration, the growth of instrumental skill, and problem-solving through imagination.

Learn And Practice In A Supportive, Encouraging Space

All of our lesson curriculums, including violin and viola lessons, are specifically designed to match the needs, interests, and strengths of each student. Learning how to play violin or viola in the Bronx is a culturally enriching musical experience.

Cello Lessons in Bronx, NY

Learn, Practice, And Perform The Cello

Are you or your child (aged 4+) interested in learning how to play the cello? The Bronx School For Music provides experienced cello lessons for children in the Bronx, NY area. Our cello program is tailored specifically for your child’s skill level and interest through private one-on-one lessons, ensuring that your child receives the best possible instruction for them.

Guitar & Bass Guitar Lessons in Bronx, NY

Learn How To Play The Guitar

Are you or your child (aged 4+) interested in learning how to play the guitar? At the Bronx School For Music, our guitar and bass guitar instrumental programs teach students of the Bronx, NY area how to play one of the world’s most popular instruments via private, one-on-one lessons. Our lesson plans are personalized for each student’s interests, current skill level, and needs, ensuring that their education provides them the musical knowledge they need to advance their skills.

Voice Lessons in Bronx, NY

Strengthen Your Vocal Skills

Are you interested in growing your vocal skills? Adults and children (aged 4+) are welcome to join our expert-led vocal and voice lessons in the Bronx, NY area. Singing programs at the Bronx School For Music are designed specifically towards the skills and interests of each student through private one-on-one instruction.

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