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About BSM

Bronx School for Music, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, was established in 2020 by native New Yorker, educator, and award-winning concert pianist Philip Kwoka. BSM is taking root in a late-19th-century Victorian home in the Norwood-Bedford Park neighborhood of the Bronx.

Mr. Kwoka’s inspiration for founding BSM came from his extensive experience as a classically trained musician and longtime passion for working with Bronx youth. He believes that offering children in this community the opportunity to experience the joy of making music will provide them with a permanent gateway to enhanced achievement in school, as well as greater personal satisfaction and contribution to community life.

Mission & Vision

We provide Bronx children and families with affordable and high-quality instrumental and vocal music instruction in spaces dedicated solely to students’ learning and practice.

We believe that an environment dedicated to the arts will inspire students to explore their artistic skills, offer them a social outlet to share talents with like-minded peers, and encourage them to build new relationships across our school community.

We inspire children’s imaginations. We build their self confidence, self discipline, and problem-solving skills. We provide students with an outlet for deeper and broader self expression. Most important, we open our doors for students and their families to visit and use our space for practice, rehearsal, and fun.