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Bartho Staalman


Bartho Staalman is a drummer, music producer, and composer. Over the course of his career, Bartho has performed in various bands, orchestrated shows, and trained students of all ages in different musical modalities. He continuously expands his dynamic sound by experimenting with different genres, instruments, tones, and techniques.

Between 2005 and 2009, Bartho studied drumming at the Rotterdam Conservatory, which was complimented by a study of jazz guitar, vocals, piano, and Latin percussion. The exposure to different kinds of music enabled and empowered Bartho to experiment with sound, and he was later invited by drum teacher Juan van Emmerloot (performed with Steve Lukather) to participate in Tres Mambini, an electronic music trio. In addition to cultivating his knowledge and control of the drums, Bartho participated in big band drumming, organized jam sessions which he later brought to Amsterdam, and began teaching.

In what can easily be described as a blossoming musical career, Bartho has been featured on several albums, including Electronic/Afro-pop artist Rina Mushonga’s “The Wild, The Wilderness” (produced by Ben Howard – album Every kingdom) and “Kitchen Records 1&2” for iET (working with Russel elevado – album voodoo). He also toured with Dutch singer-song writer Michael Prins for sold out shows at the main venues throughout the Netherlands, including Paradiso.

Bartho continues to build upon his musical expertise and fluidity by actively collaborating with others within the artistic community. His innate ability to adapt and adjust across genres is apparent in the many groups and performances he contributes to, from The Bunga Bunga Experience, a cosmopolitan electro-dance group to Baragan, a pop folk group inspired by the street musicians’ life. In addition, Bartho’s dynamic musical nature enabled him to curate lineups for the Spoel music festival.

He is currently creating a method for instrumentalists and music producers to study rhythm, as well as composing. He most recently debuted original compositions at the intersection of modern classical and folk music at Music for the Seeking Soul – Living, Forming, Letting Go in the Old Lutheran Church. This latest performance of reflective personal anecdotes and compositions of intricately woven sounds, such as the nickelharpa, mandolin, singing saw, double bass, piano, electric bass, bagpipe and percussion, enabled him to offer an exploration of life questions through music and lyrics.

Bartho’s passion for music and performance is apparent not only in his continuous desire to develop his skills as an artist, but also in his eagerness to learn new things. After graduating from conservatory, Bartho went on to study Philosophy at the Vrije University and explore the art of cooking in restaurants. These combined experiences renewed his approach to music – as he learned to appreciate that all things have individual value. It is the careful selection of these “ingredients” that determines the function they serve, whether that means serving a special dish, or creating chill, atmospheric music.

Bartho is continuously looking for new ways to express himself as a musician, with a keen interest in singing, playing the guitar, piano and music production. He strives to equip himself with the skills and experiences that enable him to create music that is dynamic, honest and as driven.