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Ken Simard

Ken Simard is the founder and CEO of Nature’s Earth Products, the nation’s leading environmentally friendly cat litter, pet bedding and stove/BBQ pellet company. With the creation of his brands, Feline Pine, Equine Pine and Freedom Fuel, Ken revolutionized the pet industry for the better.

Developing his love for music (especially drums) at the young age of 6, Ken learned how to read music and play a variety of instruments (cello, sax, percussion) under the direction of his late father and music instructor, Earl Simard. This love and appreciation for music trickled down to Ken’s children, and now to his grandson who loves playing the drums with his papa.

Ken believes music is at the heart of universal connection between individuals. He knows it is responsible for his growth, confidence, and achievements throughout his career. He is grateful to be part of the inception of the Bronx School for Music and looks forward with anticipation to helping it grow in its mission to bring quality, affordable musical instruction to the youth of New York.