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Thomas Winter-Aabo

Thomas Winter Aabo is a serial entrepreneur with a keen understanding of technology, consumer goods, logistics, real estate and hospitality. He is the founder of Domus Groupe, a real estate and hospitality company in New York City, The Hamptons and Austin, TX. He is also a co-founder of New World Spirits, a CPG innovations company and the creator of Solbeso, the world’s first spirit made from cacao fruit.

Born in Vedbæk, Denmark, Thomas’ exploration of music began in early childhood on his mother’s upright piano. He took piano and guitar lessons through his early teens and in Gymnasium took part in the school’s musical theater productions before composing and orchestrating scores for multiple after-school productions.

Thomas formed his first band – the punk pop duo High Energy, in 8th grade. The passion for music and creativity stays with him to this day.

Thomas emigrated from Denmark to the US in 1998 after finishing a B.A. in International Business at the Copenhagen Business School and completing the Maersk International Shipping Education. Thomas worked with Maersk until 2000 after which he started Telcome, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator which in 2006 merged with Sonopia, an affinity-based mobile provider. He then joined Brandworkz, a digital brand management platform as the Vice President of Sales before co-founding New World Spirits.

As a founding board member of the Bronx School for Music, Thomas supports the School’s model of creating accessible, localized musical education in areas of need. He is a strong advocate for growing BSM’s model – once firmly established in it’s founding community, – to multiple locations and eventually with an international eye to expansion.